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This is a totally utopic and experimental artistic project under construction from the tropical climate changes of the environment!
PSILOBOT is a series of electronic music for fun / audio visual made in a totally random and low-profile
by the critical changes that emerged during the pandemic colapse between techniques,social isolation,studies and current technologies
this is a more introspective musical laboratory of glitchs stories tellings!!

new stuff with better quality and physical albums only for bandcamp followers. listen up support! ⇪⇪

All these sweet gifs are linked with the first psilosamples series of NFTs!
PSILOBOT is a lofi electronic music with generative art,digital paintings,
artificial intelligence grooving exclusive sound cards clippings.
(YES lovingly made by psilosamples himself) avaliable on Tezos and SOLANA Blockchain!
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PSILOBOT dig in unknown obscures online oceans,still running eco-friendly,so you can find many cheaps NFTs as exclusive tracks and video clips made exclusively for obsessive ravers collectors.

man as machine this story invites you to an exotic intimate reading about the future of the hyperconnectivity
lots of fun playing with the birth of the tokenization kids like bots invoking "the promisses of a clean future"
the proposes in this series a totally freak out and acidic listening
psycho degust,and as a tradition, an unlikely fancy sometimes.....
constant style changes reset process in progress
at the back door there is a metaverse under construction,
so stay with me as much as possible.
thank you very much, Zé!!

#PSILOBOT 2.0 -new PSILOSAMPLES series of NFTs of ilustrative lofi electronic music sound cards on Tezos Blockhain and SOLANA!

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